2022 Select Ketubah Prints and Paintings

Seven Species Ketubah by 

Wedding Terrarium Ketubah by Elena Berlo

falling blossoms ketubah by Stephanie Caplan

2021 Best Ketubah

inks ketubah by stephanie caplan

Four Season Floral Ketubah print

Custom tailored Jewish Blessings

A very delicate, fascinating by simplicity line art with hand calligraphy by Elena Berlo OnceUponaPaper, Jewish Blessing, Birkat HaBayit or anything else you would like from the cultural heritage, made to order or available as prints in some cases.

Beloved Garden Woodcut Ketubah Design - Modern Style Art Nouveau

Ketubah woodcut BELOVED GARDEN by Elena Berlo of OnceUponaPaper.net

Gorgeous Willow Tree Ketubah design for your Lake Wedding

photo: Susan and James photography
by Ketubah Artist Elena Berlo

Summer is fast approaching and your planning should include a custom Ketubah, or a Jewish marriage contract - nowadays also used for non-Jews and interfaith couples, to reflect your relationship, wedding theme, family traditions, vows and commitments.
GK loves this beautiful, vibrant, greenery design for your summer wedding, painted and calligraphed by Elena Berlo of OnceUponaPaper. Her customization process usually implies 2-3 directions with mockups for layouts, colours and everything necessary. The mastery of her brush and the sensibility for design is outstanding, and you can be sure to end up with an artwork for your Ketubah to cherish for life. A true heirloom. The 5 star with hundreds of reviews on her Etsy Shop will make the purchase at ease, and guarantees the timely delivery even under tight schedules.

Elena Berlo OnceUponaPaper

New York, US


We are Elena & Genu, the creators of ElenaBerlo™ and OnceUponaPaper™, a husband and wife team with a mutual passion for art, painting, printmaking and illustration. We want to thank everyone who put their faith in our artistic heart and hands. It is with your support our journey into customized artwork and ketubah was made possible, leading to the incredible joy of making art together as a profession for more than a decade.